Pollution and Major Cities on the European Continent

Pollution is a huge problem in all different parts of the planet. Europe is no exception. If you want to comprehend pollution on the continent, then it can help you considerably to learn about the cities that have the worst air quality. Air pollution is an enormous problem for all sorts of relevant and pressing reasons. It can make breathing normally and easily a lot more difficult for people of all age groups. It can even have a negative impact on longevity. If you want to lead a lengthy and rewarding life, then it may be in your best interests to prioritize places that have air that’s untarnished and pure.


The Balkans region has an abundance of cities that have significant pollution levels. Tetovo and Skopje are two North Macedonian cities that are associated with substantial degrees of pollution. Other Balkan metropolises that have substantial pollution are Bucharest, Romania, Tirana, Albania, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There are quite a few substantially polluted cities in the Central and Eastern region parts of Europe in general. Kiev in the Ukraine has a reputation for high pollution levels. The same thing applies to Krakow, Poland. Other cities throughout Europe that are known for having substantial amounts of air pollution are Naples, Italy, Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, Turin, Italy, Milan, Italy and Thessaloniki, Greece.

There are naturally cities in Europe that have lower amounts of pollution. Examples of these are Reykjavik, Iceland, Zurich, Switzerland, Munich, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. People who want to be able to walk down the street and relish fresh and pure air may want to head to these picturesque metropolises for a while.

How Can You Tell Whether You’re in a European City That Has a Lot of Air Pollution?

Pollution in the air naturally influences health and wellness. If you’re in a city anywhere in Europe, you may wonder about its air pollution intensity. If you pay close attention to the way you feel, you may be able to get a bit of insight. If you ever experience respiratory difficulties, then significant air pollution could be to blame. Breathing difficulties often signify that you’re surrounded by air that’s anything but fresh and clean.

If you’re in a metropolitan area that has lots of pollution, then you may start feeling a bit lightheaded. If you feel kind of like you cannot walk in a straight line, heavy air pollution could be the culprit. There are other clues to think about as well. If something just smells “off” and “unpleasant” about a city, it could be related to air pollution. If you have allergic symptoms that seem to become more and more severe, it could be the result of air pollution. If your eyes constantly water, ditto. Take a close look at your surroundings. Do you see an absence of lichens that have lots of leaves? If you do, you may have the answer to your pollution question.





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