5 Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent

They say that having a good team is the best asset that a company can acquire. Well, the theory is correct. However, building that solid team doesn’t come as easily as you may think. It takes efforts and commitment from the hiring process to the development and retention of employees.

Your team will help you attain your vision, but how fast or effective this will happen depends on the kind of team that you have. How hard can it be to hire the right employees? Most employers say it is complicated, time-consuming, and unguaranteed. Luckily for you, you can attest to a different experience if you follow these tips on how to recruit the best talents in your company.

1. Have a Plan

Do not get excited about surrounding yourself with a new team and forget the most important details. Set your goals based on the type of work your new team is expected to handle. After all, if you fail to plan, you are obviously planning to fail. Focus on both the short term and long term goals of your company. It will direct you on who to employ now or in the future.

Have a budget for the recruitment process too. You need resources to maintain your current employees and the new team both now and in the future. Otherwise, the budget might surprise you after some time, and this can’t be exciting.

A plan will keep your human resource team on track and in line with the goals you made.

2. Have a Clear Job Description

You must identify the specific skills you need in your company before advertising the vacant position. Some employers tend to use similar job descriptions every year or copy other employers as long as the opening is the same. Sorry to say but this is being inattentive. Why? Because time and seasons are changing — your needs cannot remain the same either.

Be specific when advertising a job opening. Your job description should match your specific goals. It has a high chance of attracting the right applicants rather than getting generic applications like any other employer. Wrong applicants, means you will hire the wrong team — hence, reduced productivity. It will take a lot more efforts to recover from such a poor decision.

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3. Do Not Limit Your Geographical Coverage

Most employers will only hire employees from their locality. Never allow yourself to fall in this cocoon. Sometimes it can be challenging to get qualified employees from your area, especially when you are operating in a competitive market.

The good thing is that technology has made it easier for you to hire locally, national wide, or internationally. Geographical proximity should not stop you from getting that top talent in your company.

4. Make Use of Referrals

Referrals will always be a sure bet when it comes to recruiting new employees. It’s easy, quick, and guarantees high quality talents. Every employer would embrace any recruitment process that comes with such qualities — why wouldn’t you?

All you need to do is to formulate a referral program and implement it. Referrals can come from employees, suppliers, and customers, among other existing connections. Most referrals know your company’s culture, having been connected by a close acquaintance, and therefore, are easy to retain — they already knew what they are getting themselves into.

5. Always Focus on Merit Over Anything Else

Hiring the right talents in your business requires you to remain objective over subjective. Some of the qualities you must identify in an applicant include their experience and intelligence. However, the experience must be backed by achievements in whatever they were doing previously. Someone may have experience in marketing for ten years but still fail to deliver because their knowledge does not match your company’s goals.

For this reason, you need a candidate who is intelligent too. Get someone who didn’t just work somewhere else, but one who solved problems through their creativity. Through the interviewing session, you will be able to grasp if a candidate can stretch themselves beyond their daily routine or not.

Well,the recruitment process is very crucial in every company, and once you master the trick, you will get the right talent for the success and growth of your business. Use these tips, and you and your team will move harmoniously in the right direction like a dream.

By Pete Mckinsey

Publisher, engineer and loving dad of four sweethearts. When I am not busy with work or taking care of my family you can find me on the golf course but only on a sunny day.