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18 Jun 2014

Role for an experienced scientist available at the Curie Institute

The Curie Institute is a world-class multidisciplinary cancer center comprising a dedicated cancer Hospital and a prestigious Research Center with expertise in biology, genetics, soft matter physics, organic and medicinal chemistry. The Curie Institute benefits from state-of-the-art technical platforms as well as a large clinical data base and patient sample collection.

The Curie Institute is seeking an experienced scientist (post doctorate plus 4 years’ experience) to coordinate and develop the disseminated disease biomarker activity in the translational research department.

Numerous projects are ongoing at the Institute to measure circulating tumour cells in the blood (2 Veridex machines are available) or bone-marrow of patients with diverse cancers at different disease stages. Measurement of circulating tumour DNA has been implemented for ocular melanoma patients and other solid tumours using innovative techniques or deep sequencing.

The scientist chosen will be responsible for the coordination of these projects on disseminated tumour disease detection: comparison of techniques, benchmarking and development of novel approaches and evaluation of large scale cohorts of patients for the clinical interest of these new markers. Functional and/or genetic studies may be envisioned on the isolated circulating tumour cells. The scientist will interact with the medical oncologists implicated in this translational research, as well as researchers from Chemistry, Physics, Genetics and Cellular biology groups currently involved in this project.

The Institut Curie is attractively located in central Paris, in close proximity to the other major Parisian research centers.

The applicant should have a solid knowledge of cancer biology, expertise in cellular and molecular techniques, and a good publication record in related fields of biology with an interest in new assay development. The applicant must have demonstrated the ability to obtain competitive funding, as it will be necessary to apply for external funding to support this project. S(H)e will coordinate a team  consisting of 3 technicians, 2 post-docs and a part-time clinical research assistant, located in the hospital on the Institut Curie Paris campus. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary to interact with the various clinicians and biologists implicated to date.

Please send your application including CV, 3 letters of recommendation and a 3-5 page scientific project to Sergio Roman-Roman and Jean-Yves Pierga ( ;

Deadline August 31st 2014

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