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EurocanPlatform is an EC funded project bringing together 28 European cancer Institutions and organisations to work together in a unique collaboration. The centres are sharing infrastructures and collaborating on projects to help advance cancer research and treatment.

The overarching aim of the project is to improve outcomes for cancer patients and reduce mortality. This is being achieved by focusing on three key areas of research: prevention, early detection and improved treatments.

EurocanPlatform is building the necessary resources and know-how to improve cancer care from bench to bedside: basic research, early and late translational research, clinical research, epidemiological research, implementation in care and population based outcome research.

The following aims have been set for the Platform;

  • harmonisation and sharing of infrastructures and competences among organisations,
  • definition and coordination of specific areas for research collaboration,
  • optimisation of knowledge-sharing,
  • provide adequate training opportunities,
  • promote mobility of researchers
  • attractive for young researchers from all over the world,
  • retaining European talent,
  • providing strategic partnerships for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry,
  • accelerating translational research for the benefit of patients.

This is the first time this collaboration has been attempted and promises real results for cancer patients across Europe.

The Karolinska Institutet is leading this project, please visit the contact page if you have an enquiry.

Executive Committee

Anton Berns, NKI
Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, OUS
Julio Celis, DCS
Rolf Lewensohn, KI
Ulrik Ringborg, KI

Scientific Steering Committee

Anton Berns (chairman), NKI
René Bernards, NKI
Alexander Eggermont, IGR, EMC
Carlos Caldas,
Julio Celis, DCS
Marco Pierotti, INT, OECI
Ulrik Ringborg, KI
Thomas Tursz, IGR
Christopher Wild, IARC

Scientific Advisory Board

Hedvig Hricak
Mark Israel
John Mendelsohn
Richard Schilsky

Work Packages

Workpackage and workpackage leaders

WP 1 - Scientific Coordination of the Project: Julio E. Celis, DCS, & Ulrik Ringborg, KI
WP 2 - Cancer risk assessment, prevention and long-term follow-up: Christopher Wild, IARC
WP 3 - Early detection/biomarker discovery: Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, OUS, and Marco Pierotti, INT
WP 4 - Kinome analyses to guide therapy choice: René Bernards, NKI
WP 5 -Targeting the DNA damage response: Alan Ashworth, ICR
WP 6 -Therapeutic strategies: Thomas Tursz, IGR
WP 7 -Mouse Tumour models: M. Barbacid, CNIO
WP 8 - Technology resources: René Bernards, NKI
WP 9 - Bioinformatics/integration of information for pathway control: Jan Korbel, EMBL
WP 10 – Biobanking: Peter Riegman, EMC
WP 11 - Clinical Epidemiology: Hermann Brenner & Cornelia Ulrich, DKFZ
WP 12- Quality assessment, accreditation and metrics: Mahasti Saghatchian, IGR, & Wim van Harten, NKI
WP 13- Education and Training: Angelo Paradiso, NCI-Bari
WP 14 -Communication and Dissemination: Gordon McVie, ECMS
WP 15 - Ethical review: Rolf Lewensohn, KI
WP 16 - Management of consortium: Ulrik Ringborg & Rolf Lewensohn, KI

This project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 260791



Watch interviews with key experts involved in the project.